If secluded, quiet, scenic and peaceful are all descriptions you are searching for to plan a fishing trip, family vacation or just a getaway,
in a wilderness setting – we suggest you contact us because fishing
on Kenogaming Lake is exactly all that!
You’re going to love our location and remote fishing !

Kenogaming Lake is 14 kms (9 miles) long, with a very healthy population of Walleye and Northern Pike. Other smaller remote lakes can be accessed by ATV from the Lodge which hold an abundance of Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout along with Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.

With many weedy bays, rocky shores, points and underwater structures everywhere… your choice of fishing techniques will find active fish in those key areas. Trolling deeper flats in the summer for large Northern Pike or jigging structure for Walleye are the tricks to catching numbers daily.

Kenogaming Lake is naturally replenished with both fresh water and nutrients from the Northern Watershed’s rivers and streams coming in from the south. With this rich abundance of healthy bait fish, crayfish, minnows, leaches, and many other fish forage, our fishery is very healthy and naturally reproduces. Back lakes can also be accessed by our Side by Sides. These lakes hold Walleye, Pike and Brook Trout.

With a trustworthy fleet of 14’ Naden aluminum boats & 9.9 Yamaha four stroke outboards, along with advice from owners that know where to go & what to use – that’s all you’ll need to have an exciting day of fishing and exploring.

Words can’t express how much we appreciated and enjoyed our time at Thunderstock Outfitters. From the moment we arrived, we felt so welcomed! The amenities were fantastic, the fishing was great and the company from Kim and Gary was the icing on the cake!  Thank you Kim and Gary for treating us like family and making our 10 year anniversary trip so memorable!
Much Love: Chad & Mandy,  Indiana, USA
Gary and Kim operate a lodge the way a lodge should be run professionally and personally. Mr. Gary is the consummate professional and Miss Kim adds the personal touch. For this special couple, their lodge is a labor of love and it shows in the genuine hospitality you receive upon your arrival until your departure.
That is what calls us back each year for more!

Brent & Pauline,  Sudbury, Ontario

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What are the best fishing techniques to use while fishing in Kenogaming Lake?
The fishing techniques that we have discovered work best are trolling, jigging structure and casting structure.

What are the best fishing lures to use in Kenogaming Lake?
Worm harnesses, jig & twister tail, casting spoons and casting minnow baits give best results.

What are the best live bait to use for fishing in Kenogaming Lake?
We find that worms, minnows and leeches are the best live bait to use while fishing.

What are the best colours to use while fishing in Kenogaming Lake?
The best colours to use for fishing are pink, orange or white.

Tackle Advice

Rod, Reel, and Line Suggestion

  • One 6′ medium light action jigging rod for Walleye
  • One 6.5′ medium to heavy action cast/trolling rod for Northern Pike
  • 6 – 8lb. good quality mono is suggested for casting and jigging for Walleye
  • 10 – 14lb. braided is recommended for all styles of Pike fishing

Lure Suggestions

Early season and late season, fish are very actively feeding so selecting your fishing tackle, lures and colour are not as important as in the summer season when fish go deeper to cooler water and less bright sun. So during those dog days of summer, jigging with live bait (night crawlers sold on site) and Gulp Alive are very effective…and always remember patience is your best bait!

Colour Suggestions

Fishing Northern Ontario’s “tea stained” waters, orange and brass are always a consistent fish catching combination. Minnow type baits such as Rapala’s J7 in gold & orange, silver & black, perch and fire tiger are the natural colours of the forage in the area.

Jigs in florescent colours like pink, orange, chartreuse and white work well with 4” twister tails in white, orange, chartreuse glitter, pink, and pearl white.

Bait Types Per Fish


  • Minnow type baits for casting and trolling (Rapala Xrap/Husky Jerks)
  • Assortment of both lead and floating jigs with Twister Tails
  • Worm harnesses/“Go Getter” type harness
  • Bottom bouncer style rigs for deep trolling recommended in summer
  • Drop shot with live bait on structure edges

Northern Pike

  • Large topwater poppers / prop baits / jitterbugs, for early season spring Pike
  • Large (6” – 8”) minnow type baits for trolling and casting
  • Good selection of 3” – 4” spoons
  • #3 or #4 Mepps style inline spinners
  • Bottom bouncer style rigs for deep trolling recommended in summer

Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits will work in early spring when Pike are very active BUT we suggest you don’t waste your valuable time on the lake throwing “bass lures”.

Brook Trout

  • #2 Mepps style spinners/Rooster Tail spinners, etc.
  • Small jigs and 2″ Twister Tails
  • Best results: hook, worm or Gulp minnow & bobber!

Fishing Technique Suggestions Per Fish Type

We find that very slow vertical jigging on drop off structure and trolling deep with bottom bouncers work best.

Northern Pike
Casting with quick retrieve on drop offs/deep weed edges or by trolling deep structure with bottom bouncers work well.

Brook Trout
You will find success by casting with a slow retrieve or by jigging live bait on a drop shot rig.


For guests that would like to make a reservation, simply notify us by email or phone to inform us of your details.

We would require the following details:

  • number of people in your group
  • ages of children under 16
  • dates that you would like to arrive and depart

Then we will reply with all the information you need.

Tips for Group Leaders

Use the following steps to not only be more successful in getting your group members organized but also make your job as a group leader much easier!

  1. Send out a group email to all the people you would like to go on your trip outlining the plans of the trip, the details, and list the total number you’ll be arranging in the group ( “first come first served”)
  2. List our website & Facebook page for their review
  3. List the dates and length of stay you are planning
  4. List the total cost, including discounts, of the package for each member in the group (we will send you that to forward to your group)

After you receive your replies, send another email to the interested members and explain the following:

  1. Each person must send deposits to you (the leader of the group)
  2. Deposit amount is 50% of the price for each individual’s
    (Note: Our deposit amounts are less, but with a 50% deposit your members are less likely to cancel last minute on you!)
  3. If the member cancels last minute, THEY MUST find a replacement acceptable by the group, or lose their deposit.

As the leader of the group, you will be responsible to contact us with questions and reservation details.
You are also responsible for sending deposits and paying the final group balance on arrival for the number of people reserved in the group.

Individual group members are welcome to email us or call us with questions or to confirm details anytime but not to send individual deposits.

Remote Lake Day Trips

All remote lake day trips MUST be scheduled in advance or on arrival. Remote lake day trips are a $25 per person extra charge due to transportation to and from the lake on our UTV’s.

Day trips departure time is 8am and arrival for pick up is 5pm. No early departures. We cannot guarantee remote lake trips during hunting seasons.

Please contact us to ask for availability and details on remote lake trips.

What To Bring

  • Portable fish finder/depth finder (extra batteries)/solid transducer mount
  • Rain gear
  • Assorted personal tackle
  • Minimum 2 good quality rods/reels & line (see tackle advice)
  • Extra line
  • Filleting knife
  • Freezer bags
  • Sunblock
  • Bug jacket/head net (for evening fishing)
  • Bug repellent spray (sportsman OFF – blue can recommended)
  • Thermocell/extra supplies
  • Food, beverages and bottled water for your stay
  • Plastic totes and coolers


2019 Housekeeping Fishing Package Daily Prices
Prices listed below are per day per person. Discounted prices are available for group reservations and longer stays! License and tax are not included in prices listed.
Please contact us for availability and preferred dates.

Package Rate 2-7 Adults 8 Adults 12 Adults 16 Adults
3 Day Daily $115.00 $110.00 N/A N/A
4 Day Daily $110.00 $105.00 $100.00 $95.00
5 Day Daily $105.00 $100.00 $95.00 $90.00
6 Day Daily $95.00 $90.00 $85.00 $80.00
7 Day Daily $90.00 $85.00 $80.00 $75.00

Kids fishing rates are as follows:

  • Ages 16 and up: adult pricing
  • Ages 7-15: half price
  • Ages 6 and under: free

Our Promise

Being smaller in size than most Lodges, it allows us to be more personal with each and every Guest. Keeping things more personal, being committed to our Guest’s needs and meeting great new friends along the way, is our ongoing intention.

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