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Deposits & Payments

Being a small business, the extra expense of processing credit cards is costly. We do require, however, a credit card on file to secure your reservation. Your deposit is due within 2 weeks of reserving your package.

A 4% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions.

All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be made by e-transfer or cheque and the remaining balance will be accepted by cash on arrival.

Fishing guests are required to make a $200.00 deposit per person.
All quotes are in Canadian funds EXCEPT for black bear hunts which are in U.S. Funds (U.S. Exchange Rates will be calculated day of deposit).

All cancellations must have a minimum of 60 days notice. this includes cancellations of an individual or group.

Group discounts are calculated in our new 2019 pricing. Bring your own boat discount applies for boat owner only. Contact us for exact discount details.

Taxes and licenses are not included in listed prices on website, but will be included in confirmation.

Communications Available

We now have cell phone service in our lodge.

Wifi is NOT available. Please use your cell data.

Group Reservations

Group leader is responsible for collection of group’s deposits. Group leader is also responsible for forwarding important documents for each individual of the group to review.

Balances are due on arrival for exact number of people reserved in group. Cancellation of individual group members must be replaced by group leader.

For example: The reservation is for 8 group member but less than 8 group members arrive. The balance for 8 guests is due on arrival – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Housekeeping Rules

Cabins are expected to be left in an organized and clean condition at check out. There will be an additional $100.00 charge for extra cabin cleaning.

Boats are also expected to be organized and clean at check out. There will be an additional $50.00 charge for extra boat cleaning.

Due to safety concerns, we have a NO PETS policy.

Please bring beverages in plastic or cans. No glass bottles please.

Undesirable Conduct
Owners/Management reserve the right to terminate and guests’ stay or hunt at any time due to undesirable behaviour or improper conduct, without any refund.


We ask all our guests to practice conservation fishing on Kenogaming Lake. Please release all large, mature fish but feel free to keep a couple smaller fish for a meal or 2 during your stay.

Sportsman Fishing Licenses are not acceptable on any of our lakes. Please respect the conservation limits and most of all, practice catch and release. Please think of your children and grandchildren…let’s allow them to have the fun and experience great fishing for many years to come on our lakes too. They thank you and so do we!


Bear Hunt Deposits & Payments
A deposit of $500.00 US per hunter is required at the time or reserving your hunt. An additional $500.00 US is required by the following dates:

  • April 1st for spring hunt
  • June 1st for fall hunt

Balance remaining is due on arrival. Deposits and payments must be paid in a timely manner or hunter risks the chance of forfeiting reservation.

Bow Hunters
All bow hunters MUST target shoot before their daily hunt to assure properly set up and accurate equipment. Bring hard cases for travelling on bush trails.

  • Use of compound bow or crossbow only
  • Long bows and recurve bows are not allowed
  • No mechanical heads allowed
  • 3 or 4 blade fixed broad heads only

Archery Moose Hunt Details
To book an archery moose hunt with us, you MUST be an experienced bow hunter. First time bow hunters or hunters inexperienced with archery hunting and archery equipment will not be qualified for our archery bull moose package for obvious reason of appreciating our resource.

Archery Moose Hunt Deposits/Payments
Deposit of $2000.00 is required to reserve your 4 hunter hunt. Remaining balance is due on arrival.

Your Outfitter reserves the right to determine if a Bear or Moose has been fatally wounded and not retrievable. For reason of a poorly placed shot or any other reason your Outfitter believes to be valid, that Hunter’s hunt is classified as a harvested animal, and the hunt is terminated for that Hunter.

Thunderstock Outfitters’ owners, management and / or staff are not responsible for any misfortunes
or accidents that may occur on or off site during any activities.