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What’s your success rate?
Overall success rates vary from 85% – 100%. Rates are calculated by not only harvested bears, but bears that could have been harvested at the bait while hunters were in the stand. Many hunters see multiple bears at the bait – so bring your camera !

What’s your average sized bear?
Average size for Black Bears across Northern Ontario are 200lbs with mature boars ranging upward to 600lbs.

How many hunters do you have in camp each week?
We reserve 4 hunters for the week of the Spring hunt, and 4 hunters normally each of the 3 weeks for the fall hunt – but at times we are asked to host 6 hunters in a group, but 6 is the maximum.  We have 27 bait sites / stands – 200 sq. kms. of Bear Management Area.

What’s the best hunt week?
All 4 weeks of our hunt have equal success – 1 week in Spring & 3 weeks in Fall.

Should I bring my own tree stand?
No – we supply sturdy, wooden stationary ladder stands, but if you intend on bring along a Jr. Hunter or Photographer, they will need a climber or hang on stand.  We do not recommend having 2 people in the tree due to double the scent, movement and size of silhouette.

Should I bring my own ATV?
It is not necessary as we supply transportation to and from your stand, but for a larger group (more than 4 hunters), it is recommended to bring one ATV for the 2 extra hunters.

How far is my shot distance?
All stands are set up for 20 – 30 yard shots.

Can I hunt with my Bow and my Rifle?
Yes – you can have both with you in the stand.

How high are the stands?
The ladder stand platform is 16′ with your eyes at 20′ while sitting. Standing your shot would be from  22′.

Hunting Ladder Stand

Will I have to bait my own stands ?
No, unlike many other Outfitters – we bait the stands daily – you are guided to your stand, and we service it daily at a scheduled time that we have done so for the previous 4 – 6 weeks. You … relax and enjoy your hunt.

Can I bring my own bait?
No – we do not ever change the bait that we’ve used for weeks before your arrival. Experience has taught us that NEVER change the bait or the scent at the bait or there is a good chance that the mature bear(s) that have become comfortable there – will leave the area.

What can I do after I shoot my bear?
Fishing is always a great pass time when your Bear is in the freezer.

Why do you not allow all traditional archery equipment?
Experience has taught us, that due to poor performance from some long bows and recurve bows, the percentage of wounded animals that are not retrievable increases. Thus, we take no chances.

Why do you not allow mechanical broadheads?
Again, experience has taught us, that due to poor performance from all mechanical head, (yes, including Rage) – the percentage of wounded animals that are not retrievable increases. Thus, we take no chances. We only hunt with heavy grain 3 or 4 blade high quality fixed broadheads.

Why do you not allow lead slugs for shotgun & muzzle loader hunters?
Again, experiencing wounded animals that are not retrieved has shown us that lead sabot slugs will tend to shatter into lead pieces on impact of bone – thus, we only allow copper solid slugs that “mushroom” and do not come apart at impact.

Do Bow Hunters have a spot to practice shooting a target at camp?
Yes – in fact, we insist on practice for all Bow Hunters. A duplicate stand is erected at camp with a block target for each Hunter to practice daily before their hunt. We require that all Bow Hunters and their equipment be accurate and consistent, so we ask that you shoot your bow daily before leaving camp. A good test is to place a square “sticky note” on the target – and impress us and your buddies by putting 3 arrows through the paper !

What time can we arrive at camp on our scheduled Saturday date ?
You can arrive after 2 pm – get settled in – then attend our Saturday evening, 7 pm Hunter Orientation Meeting.

How do I pay my balance on arrival along with license and tax?
Cash or E-Transfer On Arrival (no cheques please).

What to Bring

What to Bring for Your Black Bear Hunt

  • Camo hunting clothing and camo Rain Gear
  • Camo mask, belaclava, or face paint
  • Camo gloves
  • Blaze orange vest & hat (going to and from the stand)
  • Cushion for the stand
  • Weapon & ammo, weapon case
  • Tree stand safety harness
  • Cover scent/scent killer
  • Old hunting license for us to keep
  • 1 XL cooler/1 medium size cooler per hunter
  • Heavy plastic clear bags (for meat transporting in cooler)
  • Food & beverages for the week
  • Warm waterproof boots
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Skinning/butchering knives
  • Camera/film
  • Thermocell/spare cartridges and pads
  • Driving directions
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Cash for balances owing (NO cheques on arrival please)

What to Bring for Bow Hunters

  • Quality mechanical heads only
  • 3 or 4 blade heavy grain broad heads preferred
  • NO long bows or recurve bows

What to Bring 12 Gauge Shotgun and Muzzle Loader Hunters

  • Copper solid slugs ONLY


I’d like to thank Gary, Kim and Staff for an awesome week of hunting black bear at Thunderstock Outfitters. Their cabins are comfy cozy and well equipped with a personal touch of home.
I’ve been hunting black bears for 25 years plus and have seen many outfitters in the years, but none compare to Thunderstock and Staff. I harvested my bear on the very first day – 30 minutes in the stand !
Gary has a great knowledge on black bear, bar none, he really knows his stuff and is a truly honest outfitter in a class of his own. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  I’ll be back again next year!”

Lou DiGirolamo
Vaughan, Ontario,
Spring 2016

Big thanks to Kim & Gary and all the staff at Thunderstock Outfitters true professionals. Week 4 of the 2015 bear hunt was spectacular! Weather was great, hosts were fantastic, and the bear’s were plentiful. The facilities are top notch with all the amenities of home. It’s nice to see bear management at its best! We will certainly be back!”

Wayne, Shannon, John & Ben
“SOS Crew”,
Orillia, Ontario


2019:  SOLD OUT
2020: Guided Hunt:  SOLD OUT  /  2020 Self Guided Hunts AVAILABLE
Now Booking 2021 Guided Hunts & 2021 Self Guided Hunts

Guided Hunt Package Details:

  • 7 day stay, 6 day hunt
  • Full fishing package
  • Fully equipped group accommodations
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Furnishings
  • Appliances
  • Electricity
  • Freezers
  • Access to main lodge lounge
  • Hunter orientation meeting
  • Newly constructed ladder stands
  • 1 bear tag per hunter
  • 2 personal guides for group
  • Pre-baited 6 weeks in advance and baited by guides daily
  • Tagging instructions
  • Assistance with retrieval and processing
  • Assistance with skinning and quartering
  • Use of freezers
  • Information & Orientation Meeting
  • Overview and introduction to area
  • Success photos posted on website

2021 Guided Hunt Pricing
$1499.00 US per hunter
$1899.00 CAD per hunter

Minimum of 2 hunters in a group.
License and taxes not included.

NEW FOR 2020
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Our Promise

Being smaller in size than most Lodges, it allows us to be more personal with each and every Guest.  Keeping things more personal, being committed to our Guest’s needs and meeting great new friends along the way, is our ongoing intention.

To Every Hunter…

  • You will be assigned areas that are active baits and hit consistently
  • You will begin your hunt in a stand that no other hunter has sat that season
  • You will be assigned comfortable, safe and sturdy stands
  • You will be guided to your stand daily and stand baited
  • You will be assigned a second stand after 3 days of no activity at your first stand
  • You will have 100% effort from guides and staff for a successful hunt
  • We will track and retrieve your bear to the best of our ability
  • We will assist you with gutting, skinning and quartering your bear with directions and suggestions
  • We will make your week’s stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.