What To Bring Bear Hunt


What To Bring For Your
Northern Ontario Black Bear Hunt

Camo Hunting Clothing / Camo Rain Gear
Camo Mask / Belaclava /or Face Paint
Camo Gloves
Blaze Orange Vest & Hat (going to and from the stand)
Cushion For The Stand
Weapon & Ammo / Weapon Case
Tree Stand Safety Harness
Cover Scent / Scent Killer
Old Hunting License for Us To Keep
1 XL Cooler / 1 Med. Size Cooler Per Hunter
Heavy Plastic Clear Bags (for meat transporting in cooler)
Food & Beverages For The Week
Warm Waterproof Boots
Flashlight with Extra Batteries / Skinning / Butchering Knives
Camera / Film
Thermocell / Spare cartridges and pads.
Driving Directions
Personal Items and Toiletries
Cash for Balances Owing – No Cheques On Arrival Please 

A Friendly, Cheerful Attitude is Mandatory !!
Bringing An ATV For Groups Over 4 Hunters Is Recommended

Bow Hunters:

Quality Mechanical Heads ONLY
3 or 4 Blade Heavy Grain Broad Heads Preferred
No Long Bows or Recurve Bows Allowed for our Bear Hunt

12 Gauge Shotgun & Muzzle Loader Hunters:

Copper Solid Slugs ONLY

Any Questions – Contact Gary – Office:  1-519-793-3469  Lodge:  1-705-894-2022
Or Email: thunderstockoutfitters@gmail.com

What To Bring For Your Bear Hunt