Our Bear Hunt Promise

bear hunt promise

Our Bear Hunt Promise . . . To Every Hunter

kendricks– you will be assigned areas that are active baits, hit consistantly
– you will begin your hunt in a stand that no other hunter has sat that season
– you will be assigned comfortable, safe and sturdy stands
– you will be guided to your stand daily and stand baited
– you will be assigned a second stand after 3 days of no activity at your first stand
– you will have 100% effort from Guides and Staff for a successful hunt
– we will track and retrieve your Bear to the best of our ability
– we will assist you with gutting, skinning and quartering your Bear with directions and suggestions
– we will make your week’s stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.


We Cannot Promise …

– that a Bear or Bears will come to the bait if you, the hunter are not following all the bear hunt promisesuggestions as mentioned by your Outfitter and Guide.
– weather changes such as wind direction, wind gusts, rain or other elements that affect normal Bear behavior.
– the patience of you, the hunter and the accuracy of your shot
– successful retrieval of a Bear due to poor shot placement