Spring & Fall Bear Hunt


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Spring Hunt 2018:   SOLD OUT
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Our professionally organized Black Bear Hunts preparations begin
in the early Spring, with scouting for new 3areas, updating stands and bait sites and clearing trails and access points. With all aspects of our Bear Hunts being very labour intensive, we still offer a very reasonable price for our package. Our goal is to develop a friendship with our Hunters, so that they will return annually to hunt with us, and enjoy the surroundings of our beautiful Northern Ontario wilderness area. Although we have a large Bear Management Area, we limit our Bear Hunters to 4 per week for our 1 week spring hunt and also 4 per week for our fall hunt. We do have many trophy Black Bears … but we exercise good management conservation for our bear population so as not to disrupt Mother Nature’s delicate balance.

1“I promise, you will not be disappointed in the professionalism and effort Gary puts into providing a successful hunt for you. After spending a week with him, I would recommend Gary as a guide to anybody out there. Thanks for a great week in Canada!!!”
Steve C. Michigan USA

Baiting begins in early May for the spring hunt and continues again in late June for the fall hunt until the end of the season. Newly developed baiting sites are baited heavily in the early spring, and closely monitored for Bear activity. All sites are checked often to record activity and continued to be baited with details lance4recorded up until the hunt begins.
Our intention from beginning to end of each and every hunt, is to accomplish a complete 100% success rate – doing everything we can before and during the hunt to fulfil that for our Hunters.

In order to operate a professional hunt and be completely organized for every hunter – we will require you, to do some homework by filling out some Hunter Information Forms, and returning them shortly after booking your hunt. This information helps us to put together your hunt details, licensing, and also preselect hunting areas according to your personal preference. Upon reserving your hunt with your deposit, all forms and details will be sent to each hunter in your group. We choose to take 3 instalments making it financially more convenient for our hunters.

After checking into camp and getting settled into your accommodations, we will organize our Saturday standingevening Hunter Orientation Meeting in our Main Lodge, where you’ll get to know your Outfitter and Guide. You’ll learn how we operate our hunt, and together choose a hunt location. We’ll then go over the scenarios, hunting regulations & licensing to prepare for the next day’s hunt.

Every Hunter will be guided to their stand, guaranteeing that they will be hunting over an active bait that has been prebaited for weeks prior to arrival.  Our new stationary ladder stands are constructed of lumber and very secure. Stands are only accessible from our Lodge by our UTV side by sides.  Groups over 4 hunters may need to bring an ATV for transportation, keeping in mind that we insist on keeping our area quiet and undisturbed as possible before and during the hunting season. We do not allow ATV’ing on trails or remote lake trips during the hunting season for this reason.


Ladder Stands are constructed of wood and are very sturdy and comfortable. Your eye level while sitting in your stand is 20 feet. Pull up ropes are provided along with metal hooks to hang your extra gear. Bow hunters should bring a mounting arm if you choose to hang your bow.
When it is time to hunt, you follow your Guide to your stand who will then set up your bait. It is not advised to add any extra scent or change baits that would negatively affect the bear’s feeding habits due to the fact that this could shut the bait down. Bears become comfortable with OUR scent and accustomed to the usual bait … but your new human scent at their dinner table will make the bears coming to that bait very hesitant to come back – so bring an abundant amount of scent cover spray !

“Just as I anticipated!! The ride in on Gary’s barge was like something out of the movie “Jerimiah Johnson” starring Robert Redford. Gary’s knowledge of bear hunting is very impressive, from the stand sites (18) total, to the baiting, in my opinion it is second to none. I filled my tag on the first afternoon, and the next 5 days led me to the lakes around his camp chasing pike and walleye. I believe the final count on fsh was well over what I expected. Thunderstock Outfitters is a place for any sportsman. We will see you next year same time and same anticipation!
James Mc., Virginia, USA

After your successful kill, we are happy to help in retrieval and transportation back to camp, where we will also offer our guidance and assistance in the gutting, skinning and quartering of your Bear at our processing area.


Along with a very memorable wilderness experience, you will find that we work very hard in attempt to assure not only your hunt success, but also your comfort at camp.

We hope you join us soon – We’re certain that you will be glad you did !

Gary and Kim are so welcoming that you quickly feel like family; however, teaching me to bear hunt took a bit more work.  As my guide Gary taught me new skills and help my ability to sit still, be quiet, find patience, take photos, push myself, overcome some fear and that doesn’t even touch answering my 10,000 questions.  On my 2016 hunt I was fortunate enough to harvest my own bear.  As Gary’s first successful bear huntress
I can honestly tell you he will work very hard for you.  He will help you become the best
hunter or huntress that you can be.
Gary and Kim your patience, encouragement and advice were priceless. From bear hunter orientation meetings before the hunt, pep talks throughout the hunt and professional processing skills after a successful harvest, this is the place you will want to be, I know we will be back.
Jan Kendrick
Bear Huntress 2016, Fort Wayne, Indiana

We hope you join us soon – We’re certain that you will be glad you did !