Guest Tips

Guest Reservations Tips

For Guests that would like to make a reservation,
simply notify us by email or phone to inform us
of your details.

We would require these details –
– number of people in your group
– ages of children under 16
– dates that you would like to arrive and depart
Then we will reply with all the information you need.


Tips For Arranging A Group

With life being so constantly busy and demanding, it’s very hard to get advance commitments from friends and family to plan a trip.  The main issue is it seems, that groups now are finding that members are cancelling last minute because of other obligations or changes of plans – leaving the group hanging.

In our business, we require reservation details well in advance to secure reservations
and work together with groups for preferred dates.
So in planning a group trip, we have some suggestions to not only be more successful in getting your group members organized, but also to make you, the Leader’s “job” much easier !

Getting Started
As The Leader You Should –

– send out a group email to all the people you would like to go on your trip – outlining the plans of the trip, the details, and list the total number you’ll be arranging in the group – “first come first served”.
– list our website & Facebook page
for their review

– list the dates and length of stay
you are planning

– and list the total cost, including discounts, of the package for each member in the group
(we will send you that to forward to your group)

After you receive your replies, send another email to the interested members and explain the following:
– each person must send deposits to you – (the Leader of the group)
– deposit amount is 50% of the price for each individual’s
(Note:  Our deposit amounts are less, no – but with a 50% deposit –
your members are less likely to cancel last minute on you!)
If the member cancels last minute – THEY must find a replacement
acceptable by the group, or lose their deposit.

As the Leader of the group, you will be responsible to contact us with questions and reservation details.
You are also responsible for sending deposits and paying the final group balance on arrival for the number of people reserved in the group.

Individual group members are welcome to email us or call us with questions or to confirm details anytime – but not to send individual deposits.

Our policy at Thunderstock Outfitters is:
The more members in your group, and the longer your stay –
the better the group’s discounted price !

We can take up to *16 people in a group – but we find that groups of 4, 8, or *12
are the most successful to arrange.

Please visit our website to review pricing and packages.
* Keep in mind that a group of 12 to 16 must be booked months in advance
to assure all the cabins are open for the week

Advance Tips For Fishing, Lures & Bait

Best Fishing Technique:
Jigging Structure
Casting Structure

Best Fishing Lures:
Worm Harnesses
Jig & Twister Tail
Casting Spoons
Casting Minnow Baits

Best Live Bait:

Best Colours: