Fishing Tackle Advice

Tackle & Gear

Rod, Reel and Line Suggestions


– one 6’ medium light action jigging rod for Walleye
– one 6.5’ medium to heavy action cast / trolling rod for Northern Pike
– 6 – 8 lb. good quality mono is suggested for casting or jigging for Walleye
– 10 – 14 lb. braided is recommended for all styles of Pike fishing


Lure Suggestions

fishing tackle

Early season and late season, fish are very actively feeding – so selecting your fishing tackle, lures and colour are not as important as in the summer season when fish go deeper to cooler water and less bright sun.  So during those dog days of summer, jigging with live bait (night crawlers sold on site) and Gulp Alive are very effective … and always remember patience is your best bait !




– minnow type baits for casting and trolling (Rapala Xrap / Husky Jerks)
– assortment of both lead and floating jigs with “twister tails”
– worm harnesses / “Go Getter” type harness
– bottom bouncer style rigs for deep trolling recommended
– drop shot with live bait on structure edges



Northern Pike

– large topwater poppers / prop baits / jitterbugs, for early season spring Pike
– large (6” – 8”) minnow type baits for trolling and casting
– good selection of 3” – 4” spoons.
– #3 or #4 Mepps style inline spinners
– bottom bouncer style rigs for deep trolling recommended in summer

* spinnerbaits and buzzbaits will work in early spring when fish are very active BUT – we suggest you don’t waste your valuable time on the lake throwing “bass lures”.


Brook Trout

#2 Mepps style spinners / Rooster Tail spinners, etc
– small jigs and 2″ Twister Tails
– best results …. hook, worm or Gulp minnow & bobber !



Colour Suggestions

Fishing Northern Ontario’s “tea stained” waters, orange and brass are always a consistent fish catching combination. Minnow type baits – such as Rapala’s J7 in gold & orange – silver & black – perch and fire tiger, are the natural colours of the forage in the area.

Jigs in florescent colours – pink, orange, chartreuse and white work well with 4” twister tails in white, orange, chartreuse glitter, pink, and pearl white.

Here are some proven fish catching lures available in our Lodge Store

IMG_0391     IMG_0395     IMG_0400

IMG_0401     IMG_0398     IMG_0404

Realistically, this is all you need to fish our lake !

Fishing Technique Suggestions


If you’re a Bass fisherman, you’re going to have to adjust your way of thinking and your techniques for your Northern Ontario week of fishing !
Here are some basic, effective suggestions for fishing techniques in the North.




#1 – very slow vertical jigging on drop off structure.
#2 – trolling deep with bottom bouncers.


#1 – casting with quick retrieve on drop offs / deep weed edges
#2 – trolling deep structure with bottom bouncers.


#1 – casting with slow retrieve.
#2 – jigging live bait on drop shot rig.



Proven, Detailed Fishing Suggestions
Available In Your Cabin’s Guest Information Book